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Were the individuals of 17N people with excessive ethical ideas, as they claimed, who did their most sensible to guard the civilians who occurred to be inside of their box of operations? Or have been they only violent guerillas who prioritized winning assassinations in their pursuits at any rate? The textual research of this ebook addresses those questions and reviews 17N from inception to the time whilst its contributors have been arrested, supplying a uniquely thorough exam of the association manifestos and its correlation to the group's ideology and genuine practices.

17N's Philosophy of Terror: An research of the 17 November innovative Organization first outlines the political and ideological framework of 17Ν after which describes their terrorist method and strategies. The authors ponder those operations within the context of the manifestos that the terrorist acts, and finish the paintings via addressing the occasions following the apprehension of 17N members—the trial, the verdicts, the attraction trial, and the belief of charm trial.

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40 Plainly, beyond the generic condemnation of Americans as killers of the people,41 American intervention in the external affairs of Greece—mainly The Right to Resort to Revolutionary Action 37 in the case of Cyprus42—is for 17N another just cause for attacking the Americans who are in Greece to further promote the interests of their country: This strategy created the current tragic situation in Cyprus over the course of three decades. . The same course is repeated in the case of the Aegean sea.

54 The effort of the Press to deceive Greek people and misrepresent reality is for 17N a just cause to turn against them, something that is described in many proclamations of the organization at different times of its action. The Proclamation of February 21, 1985, says: “It is globally acceptable that the Press today is one of the main pillars of the social regime of dependence, capitalism, the huge scandals of dependence of the Banana Republic type . ”56 The businessmen, the industrialists, and all who are making money57 at the expense of the Greek people can be justifiable targets, according to 17N.

The issue is that the rich West fully destroy a country of the Third World, kill tens of thousands of its non-combatant population, because they dared resisting, they tried to break the financial bonds of its looting and subjection. The main and fundamental issue is whether the war and destruction of Iraq happen to perpetuate a global situation where one quarter of earth’s population consumes 80% of the world income . . 91 In this setting, the military’s articulation of the intervention did not at all respect human rights.

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