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By John S. Saul

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20 years on from the autumn of apartheid in South Africa, veteran analyst and activist John S. Saul examines the liberation fight, putting it in a neighborhood and worldwide context and searching at how the preliminary optimism and wish has given strategy to a feeling of difficulty following hovering inequality degrees and the bloodbath of employees at Marikana.

With chapters on South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique, Saul examines the truth of southern Africa’s post-'liberation' plight, drawing at the insights of Frantz Fanon and Amilcar Cabral and assessing claims new 'precariat' has emerged.

Saul examines the continued 'rebellion of the poor', together with the hot Marikana bloodbath, that experience shaken the sector and should sign the opportunity of a brand new and extra hopeful destiny.

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10 This sounds good but was a lot more of substance actually possible? Much of the scholarly debate of the time centred on this question. Tanzania was, after all, a small, economically backward country, with, it was argued, no really strong and coherent internal class forces pressing from below. There were also global constraints of course: neo-colonial pressures and the like. Most strikingly, however, much of the country’s radical project seemed to have been hatched in the sensibility of one man, a man (Nyerere) who had, as we know, his own limitations, both of possibility (vis-à-vis his own colleagues and vis-à-vis the external world), but also of vision.

He warned further that in running the affairs of the nation the people should not look on their leaders as saints and prophets. The President stated that the attainment of freedom in many cases resulted merely in the change of colours, white faces to black faces without ending exploitation and injustices, and above all without the betterment of the life of the masses. 10 This sounds good but was a lot more of substance actually possible? Much of the scholarly debate of the time centred on this question.

So the question remains: how might one hope, even expect, that the diverse instances of resistance that are visible could come to pose hegemonic alternatives in southern Africa to the recolonization that has been the fate of that part of the continent in the wake of its seeming “liberation”? What might Africans on the ground in the region have to do next, and how can they best be supported from outside in doing so? Equally importantly, how might residents of the global North organise themselves in order – with respect to any “next liberation support struggle” – to best assist them: staying the hand of our own governments and corporations on the one hand, and speaking out clearly and effectively on behalf of such movements for genuine liberation on the ground, on the other?

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