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By Thomas A. Day

ISBN-10: 0765321424

ISBN-13: 9780765321428

Military engineer Eduardo Torres is stuck up within the world’s raging oil wars while he stumbles onto the plans for a quantum-energy battery. This extraordinary gadget may possibly gradual civilization’s inevitable descent into environmental catastrophe, yet Torres has different plans. Forming a personal army, he makes use of the machine to restore an deserted house colonization attempt in an formidable crusade to guide humanity to a brand new lifestyles in sunlight system.The significant recreation faces many demanding situations ahead of the fleet eventually embarks for the Holzstein procedure many light-years away. yet while the feuding colonists fight to carve out houses on alien worlds, they observe that they've now not left their previous conflicts and internal demons behind.Nor are they on my own in this new frontier. looking forward to them are inhuman beings who strike unexpectedly or explanation--and who may perhaps spell the tip of humanity’s final hope.Epic in scope, but packed with searing human drama and emotion, a gray Moon Over China is a huge technological know-how fiction saga via an grand new expertise. Its unique book via Black Heron Press was  named one of many “Best Books of 2006" through Kirkus stories.

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It had to be some kind of pulsing device, then, because anything so small could only put out that kind of power for a few thousandths of a second. The man was staring into his screen now along with me, at the same time tamping down his pipe absently with a finger. The last page was titled OBSERVED SUSTAINABILITY, and had only a few sentences. But I stared at the words in those sentences for a long time. Over and over I looked at them, not believing. Decades. Not thousandths of a second, but de cades.

By the door stood a terminal with a cable hanging from it, most likely to the severed antenna on the beach. At the far end of the room, a man sat on a straight chair turned slightly away from me, at a table with books and a glowing screen. Small and elderly, he had the dusty yellow skin and fine features of the Vietnamese. He wore a rumpled black shirt and a soiled shawl over his shoulders. Limp, grey strands of hair clung to his scalp. A keyboard was pushed to one side, while instead he was using fast-typing gloves clamped to the table.

TWO The First Messenger W hen I awoke the next day the ground was shaking. My sleeping bag whipped in the wind and something heavy slid across my waist. A voice called out from above. ” God’s voice. I put my face in the bag and felt for the blocks. If they were gone, I thought, maybe the punishment would stop. ” The blocks were still there. The thing on my waist slid higher and I grabbed for it. It was a rope, a pair of ropes, and they dragged me out of the bag and lifted me into the air. The island sank away and I coughed and squinted at the jungle, clutching the rope ladder with one hand and my pocket with the other.

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