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I. —Weight-loss is usual. Two factors are involved—increased catabolism and increased appetite. The increased appetite sometimes outweighs the increased catabolism, and occasionally patients present with weight gain. Sweating with warm moist skin. Lassitude and easy fatigability. ii. —Nervousness, hyperexcitability, and tremor. These features tend to be prominent in younger patients, but are often minimal in older subjects, iii. —Palpitations, tachycardia, and dyspnoea. These features tend to be prominent in older subjects.

Usual duration of symptoms 7-10 days. Relapse common. Condition probably commoner than supposed. — 1 3 2 I uptake completely absent in acute phase. —Symptomatic treatment only needed. Corticosteroids reduce pain, fever, and malaise in severe cases. Relief from thyroxine claimed. 3. —Unknown. May be related to chronic mediastinitis and retroperitoneal fibrosis. —Intense fibrosis of gland with infiltration of, and adherence to, surrounding structures and total destruction of invaded thyroid tissue.

See section on hyperthyroidism (p. 35). High titres of antibodies (exclusive of LATS) are found in about 20 per cent of patients with thyrotoxicosis, 85 per cent of patients with goitre and hypothyroidism, 40 per cent of patients with myxoedema, and in a small proportion of patients with nontoxic goitre. Significant clinical associations of thyrotoxicosis and myxoedema are found with diseases believed due to other organspecific auto-antibodies such as pernicious anaemia, myasthenia gravis, and Addison's disease.

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