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ACI 318-14 construction Code requisites for Structural Concrete and Commentary


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BUILDING CODE REQUIREMENTS FOR STRUCTURAL CONCRETE (ACI 318-14) AND COMMENTARY (ACI 318R-14) CODE late the location of cracking resulting from the dimensional change of different parts of the structure. cover, specified concrete—distance between the outermost surface of embedded reinforcement and the closest outer surface of the concrete. crosstie—a continuous reinforcing bar having a seismic hook at one end and a hook not less than 90 degrees with at least a 6db extension at the other end. The hooks shall engage peripheral longitudinal bars.

9); however, other configurations that can be shown to effectively transfer the anchor load are acceptable. reinforcement, deformed—Deformed reinforcement is defined as that meeting the reinforcement specifications in the Code. No other reinforcement qualifies. This definition permits accurate statement of development lengths. Bars or wire not meeting the deformation requirements or welded wire reinforcement not meeting the spacing requirements are “plain reinforcement,” for code purposes, and may be used only for spirals.

Reinforcement, anchor—reinforcement used to transfer the design load from the anchors into the structural member. one-way construction—Joists, beams, girders, and some slabs and foundations are considered one-way construction. reinforcement, bonded prestressed—pretensioned reinforcement or prestressed reinforcement in a bonded tendon. 7, excluding plain wire. reinforcement, nonprestressed—bonded reinforcement that is not prestressed. 7 that do not conform to definition of deformed reinforcement.

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