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ISBN-10: 0557044057

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From l. a. drug broker to hero of an alien global, the Universe should have a feeling of humor. Tyler Jensen, an earthling misplaced within the cosmos, struggles to appreciate the technologically complex global whose hero he has inadvertently develop into. Posing because the splendid Commander of the planet?s fleet, Tyler needs to speedy examine the murky alliances of the army to prevail opposed to their neighboring enemy. Will Tyler?s naivet? doom the warring global or can he navigate the political trappings of the Admiral?s global to beat one other?

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Tyler was taken by the fresh smells of vegetation and the incredible quietness broken only by the sounds of small animals in the fields and woods around them. Small creatures flew among the trees overhead. Tyler supposed they were birds, although the 50 ADMIRAL’S GHOST vibrant colors were quite different than anything he remembered on Earth. The tiny village consisted of three small buildings constructed from what Tyler assumed was dirt or other natural materials. It gave each a light tan color with mottled streaks of brown.

40 ADMIRAL’S GHOST I want to die! The thought filled his awareness as he tried to force himself from existence. Let the alien have it, I don’t care. It was the last thought Tyler had before falling into a deep sleep. Fate’s Teacher Tyler didn’t know what had happened, but he’d been dreaming of he and Linda in Mexico. He remembered they’d had a son—a beautiful son with light brown hair and green eyes. Although he’d known it was a dream, the pleasure of being with her and their son seemed so real.

It was gone, but its offspring would mark the memory of its passing. As he was released, his motion stopped as the school continued to drift by. I must do that again, he thought, determined to feel those sensations once more. No drug was so intense, so fulfilling, and he moved back into their midst hoping to relive the experience. If only I knew how it had happened. He watched helpless as they flew through him, merging and separating without his participation. What had I done? He puzzled over the previous incident as two more separated ahead of him.

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