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No yes What kind? c. Had any serious injuries (concussions, broken bones, etc)? What kind? yes no no When? When? no yes When? 50. As you were growing up, you probably had some childhood diseases or possibly other problems. Please check those that you remember having had (or now have). measles vaginal or pelvic infections mumps dizzy spells chicken pox breathing problems German measles (rubella) bladder or kidney problems (urine infections) rheumatic fever heart problems or high blood pressure diabetes stomach problems.

In such decisions, the role of the health professional, especially the physician, will continue to be prominent. For physicians and all health professionals to execute their responsibilities judiciously, two pri­ mary things must occur: (a) health professionals must become more knowledgeable of adolescent and family dynamics; and (b) the knowledge and practice of interdisciplinary teaming must be ex­ tended. 32 F u t u r e litigation a n d legislation can b e e x p e c t e d as i n s t i t u t i o n s — l e g a l , m e d i c a l , a n d s o c i a l — c o n ­ t i n u e to interact w i t h a d o l e s c e n t s a n d t h e i r fami­ lies o v e r i s s u e s of c o m p e t e n c y to exert control o v e r o n e ' s o w n life as a m i n o r , o n t h e o n e h a n d , a n d t h e b e s t i n t e r e s t s of t h e child, o n t h e o t h e r .

Due process of law is the primary and indispensable foundation of indi­ vidual freedom. It is the basic and essential term in the social compact which defines the rights of the individual and delimits the power which the State may exercise [Fortas, in Gault, 1967]. As a result of the Gault decision, minors gained entitlement to due process guarantees that in­ cluded (a) notice of charges to both parent and child sufficient to afford reasonable opportunity to prepare a defense; (b) right to counsel and, if the child is indigent, provision for the appointment of counsel; (c) privilege against self-incrimination; and (d) right to confrontation and cross-examina­ tion of witness.

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