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The pumps should be capable of being stopped from outside the compartment in which they are situated and provided with effective relief valves in close circuit. (v) Suitable strainers should be fitted on the suction side of the thermal oil pumps to filter out any carbonised oil. (vi) Air release pipes should be fitted in the thermal oil system with discharges to the header tank or fitted with self-closing valves and led to safe positions. (vii) So far as is practicable, flanged joints or other approved type couplings should be used throughout the system.

12 £><] ^ -. U , . Bearing lubrication Lubricating nozzles for gear helices and tooth lubrication Strainers De-airating pipe A. Turbine D. Thrust bearir B. LP. Turbine E. Gravity tank C. 12 shows a typical lubricating oil system for a turbine unit incorporating a pump driven from the main gearing. With this arrangement the combined gravity tank and gear unit would possibly supply sufficient oil for bearing protection until the turbines come to rest, which during normal run out after a black-out may take about 20-30 minutes.

Oil drain tank Piston cooling and forced lubrication Discharge to engine Forced [—"-i lubricating I oil cooler Forced lub. 11 Discharge to engine Piston cooling oil pump independent Piston cooling oil cooler Ϊ-ΩFilter Stand-by pump (Independent) Lubricating oil standby pump Independently operated lubricating oil pumps should be capable of being stopped from outside the compartment in which they are situated. Further, outlet valves on lubricating oil deep tanks which are normally open in service should be controlled in the same way as those on oil fuel tanks.

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