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By Milton C. Sernett

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This widely-heralded choice of impressive records deals a view of African American non secular heritage from Africa and early the US via Reconstruction to the increase of black nationalism, civil rights, and black theology of at the present time. The documents—many of them infrequent, out-of-print, or tricky to find—include own narratives, sermons, letters, protest pamphlets, early denominational histories, journalistic bills, and theological statements. during this quantity Olaudah Equiano describes Ibo faith. Lemuel Haynes provides a black Puritan’s farewell. Nat Turner confesses. Jarena Lee turns into a feminine preacher one of the African Methodists. Frederick Douglass discusses Christianity and slavery. Isaac Lane preaches one of the freedmen. Nannie Helen Burroughs stories at the paintings of Baptist girls. African Methodist bishops planned at the nice Migration. Bishop C. H. Mason tells of the Pentecostal adventure. Mahalia Jackson remembers the glory of making a song on the 1963 March on Washington. Martin Luther King, Jr. writes from the Birmingham jail.
initially released in 1985, this accelerated moment version contains new assets on girls, African missions, and the good Migration. Milton C. Sernett offers a common advent in addition to historic context and remark for every document.

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Our slavery will be at an end, and though ever so mean, low and despised in this world, we shall sit with God in his kingdom, as Kings and Priests, and rejoice for ever and ever. Do not then, my dear friends, take God's holy name in vain, -38- "Address to the Negroes in the State ofNew York" or speak profanely in any way. Let not the example of others lead you into the sin, but reverence and fear that great and fearful name, the Lord our God. I might now caution you against other sins to which you are exposed; but as I meant only to mention those you were exposed to, more than others, by your being slaves, I will conclude what I have to say to you, by advising you to become religious, and to make religion the great business of your lives.

Now, though the great God has forbidden it, yet how dreadfully profane are many, and I don't know but I may say the most of you! -How common is it to hear you wish damnation to your companions, and to your own souls-and to sport with, in the name of Heaven and Hell, as if there were no such places for you to hope for or to fear. Oh my friends, be warned to forsake this dreadful sin of profaneness. Pray, my dear friends, believe and realize that there is a God-that he is great and terrible beyond what you can think-that he keeps you in life every momentand that he can send you to that awful Hell that you laugh at, in an instant, and confine you there for ever; and that he will certainly do it, if you do not repent.

And how dreadful an eternity of misery! Those of us who have had religious matters [masters], and have been taught to read the Bible, and have been brought by their example and teaching to a sense of divine things, how happy shall we be to meet them in Heaven, where we shall join them in praising God for ever. But if any of us have had such masters, and yet have lived and died wicked, how will it add to our misery to think of our folly. If any of us, who have wicked and profane masters, should become religious, how will our estates be changed in another world.

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