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By Kenneth L. Kusmer, Joe W. Trotter

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Historians have dedicated strangely little recognition to African American city historical past of the postwar interval, in particular in comparison with past many years. Correcting this imbalance, African American city historical past in view that international battle II positive aspects an exhilarating mixture of professional students and clean new voices whose mixed efforts give you the first finished overview of this significant subject.            the 1st of this volume’s 5 groundbreaking sections specializes in black migration and Latino immigration, reading tensions and alliances that emerged among African americans and different teams. Exploring the demanding situations of residential segregation and deindustrialization, later sections take on such issues because the actual property industry’s discriminatory practices, the stream of middle-class blacks to the suburbs, and the impression of black city activists on nationwide employment and social welfare regulations. one other team of individuals examines those issues throughout the lens of gender, chronicling deindustrialization’s disproportionate effect on girls and women’s major roles in routine for social swap. Concluding with a suite of essays on black tradition and intake, this quantity totally realizes its aim of linking neighborhood adjustments with the nationwide and worldwide methods that impact city category and race family members.

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The gender distribution had something to do with unequal job opportunities in the rural South. Farmwork privileged young males, especially as agriculture contracted and family-oriented production through tenant farming and sharecropping gave way to employment on consolidated and mechanized farms. Because this was usually seasonal and undependable work, it put pressure on family incomes. Female incomes became increasingly important but also increasingly difficult as women in the rural South competed for scarce positions, mostly in domestic service.

Thus begins Dona Irvin’s account of leaving Houston in September 1942. Her husband, Frank, was already in California and had taken a job in one of the shipyards that had recently started to hire African Americans. Full of anticipation, hoping for a better standard of living and freedom from southern Jim Crow restrictions, the young family instead found Oakland very difficult. Housing was a nightmare. Initially, they squeezed into an aunt’s already crowded flat in West Oakland, which before the war had been the site of Oakland’s small black community.

Within one generation, a people who had been mostly rural became mostly urban. A people mostly southern spread to all regions of the United States. A people mostly accustomed to poverty and equipped with farm skills now pushed their way into the core of the American economy. And other changes followed. 2 This essay explores key dimensions of the Second Great Migration. Less is known about the second than about the first sequence of black migration from the South, and even the basic numbers appearing in encyclopedias and textbooks are often incorrect.

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