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First released in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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She was disturbed and distressed over it, and would rather die than remain alive. There was no lady or maiden in the world so sad and careworn. You will never hear tell of such deep and passionate love, nor of a woman who was such a loyal lover. She was so saddened to be separated from Amadas that she would have killed herself if it werenÕt for a strange plan she devised, in which she had great trust. This made her very hopeful that Amadas might take her as a pure maiden: as long as you live you will never hear in fable, song, or book of a plan so cunning and subtle.

She trusted him greatly since he was a very loyal page. His name was Garinet, and she had provided him with a horse. He knelt down at once in front of his lady. She asked him tearfully to find her sweetheart if he loved her and wished to save her from death. (2596) ÒMy lady,Ó he said, ÒI will gladly do anything you please. Ó (2601) The Countess said: ÒDear friend, you have spoken well. Now dress yourself richly, and take plenty of gold and silver. When you know the truth about him, dear friend, come back to me.

They attacked him throughout the high street, beating and clubbing him with sticks. They mistreated him and harassed him; they soaked rags in the gutters and struck him on the back with them, and hit him with sticks and staves on the back and the sides so that blood spurted out all over. Those rascals who couldnÕt reach him had mud and bits of offal and didnÕt fail to pelt him with it. That was a pity and a great sorrow! Leaping like a squirrel, he went up and down the street. (2760) Back at the inn, Garinet wept from his eyes and moaned in his heart.

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