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Using a question-and-answer layout and organized chronologically via period, this readable, vigorous research examines hundred key elements of African-American heritage and tradition, from slavery to the humanities, sciences, civil rights stream, and extra. journey.

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Also present in Jewish thought is the notion of voluntary dispersion. “African diaspora” and “Black diaspora” are fairly recent terms.

Featuring integrated text and full-color images. Davidson, Basil. Africa in History. New York: Macmillan, 1991. Davidson, Basil. The African Slave Trade. Boston: Little, Brown, 1980. Davidson, Basil. The Search for Africa: History, Culture, Politics. New York: Times/Random House, 1994. Living Gifts from Old Africa / 39 Hamdun, Said, and Noel King. Ibn Battuta in Black Africa. Princeton: Markus Wiener Publishers, 1994. Hickey, Dennis, and Kenneth C. Wylie. An Enchanting Darkness: The American Vision of Africa in the Twentieth Century.

Of all these sources, raids, kidnapping, and wars were the most productive in generating people to be sold. This was capture by force. Many young girls and boys were taken for the trade by this method. ” As the demand for slaves increased, Africans organized raids solely for the purpose of capturing bodies. Small, unruly independent parties roamed the countryside. Often these raiders went deep into the interior, miles from the coast, to acquire captives, sending shock waves through the land. When Europeans began to sell firearms to African raiders, they demanded lots of them and lots of ammunition so that they could carry out even more devastating raids.

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