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As well as these hormones, the pars nervosa releases two large proteins called neurophysins which function as carrier proteins for oxytocin and vasopressin (see Chapter 7). A detailed description of the neurohypophysis and its hormones is provided by Turner and Bagnara (1976), Hadley (1992) and Bennett and Whitehead (1983). 1). This section provides a brief outline of the functions of these PITUITARY HORMONES hormones. More detailed descriptions of the hormones of the pars distalis are given by Turner and Bagnara (1976), Hadley (1992), and Martin (1985).

AndBagnara, J. T. (1976). General Endocrinology\ 6th edn. Philadelphia: Saunders. 1 Which endocrine glands secrete the following hormones: (a) calcitonin, (b) melatonin, (c) glucagon, (d) gastrin? 2 Each of the following glands secretes two primary hormones. Name the hormones from (a) duodenum, (b) ovary. 3 Name the two parts of the adrenal gland and the two hormones secreted from each part. 4 Name the five steroid hormones. 5 Name the hormones produced in the following glands: (a) testis, (b) stomach, (c) thyroid, (d) pancreas (£ cells).

2 THE HORMONES OF THE ENDOCRINE GLANDS Each endocrine gland secretes one or more hormones. 1 summarizes the main hormones produced by each gland and some of the functions of these hormones. 1 THE PINEAL GLAND The main hormone secreted by the pineal gland is melatonin, but the pineal also produces a number of other hormones, including arginine vasotocin. In many mammals, melatonin mediates reproductive activity in response to changes in environmental light cycles (Reiter, 1983). The pineal gland may also help to regulate the timing of puberty in mammals such as sheep.

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