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By Vedantadesika

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During this significant other quantity to ]i]Singing the physique of God[/i] (Oxford 2002), Steven P. Hopkins has translated into modern American English verse poems written by means of the South Indian Srivaisnava thinker and saint-poet Venkatesa (c. 1268-1369).

These poems, in 3 varied languages - Sanskrit, Tamil, and Maharastri Prakrit -- composed for one specific Hindu god, Vishnu Devanayaka, the "Lord of Gods" at Tiruvahindrapuram, shape a microcosm of the saint-poet's paintings.

They surround significant topics of Venkatesa's devotional poetics, from the play of divine absence and presence on this planet of non secular feelings; the "telescoping" of time previous and destiny within the everlasting "present" of the poem; love, human vulnerability and the impassible perfected physique of god; to the devotional event of a "beauty that saves" and to what Hopkins phrases the paradoxical coexistence of asymmetry and intimacy of lover and liked on the middle of the divine-human stumble upon.

Moreover, those poems shape not just a thematic microcosm, yet a linguistic one embracing all 3 of the poet's operating languages. just like the remembered global of Proust's Combray within the style of madeleine dipped in tea, or Blake's global in a Grain of Sand, we style and spot, during this one specific position, and during this one specific type of Vishnu, a number of protean types and powers of the divine, and hint a veritable summa of theological, philosophical, and literary designs.

Each translated poem types a bankruptcy in itself, has its personal person brief Afterword, besides distinct linguistic and thematic notes and observation. the amount concludes, for comparative purposes, with a translation of Tirumankaiyalvar's luminous cycle of verses for Devanayaka from the Periyatirumoli.

As a lot a controversy as an anthology, this ebook may be of curiosity to scholars and students of South Asian reports, comparative faith, and Indian literatures.

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These include the union of intellect and emotion; the idea of a ‘‘beauty that saves,’’ a certain theological aesthetics; the dynamic, sometimes contrary relationship between poetry and philosophy (with poetry adding dimensions of fluidity to the philosopher’s formulations); and the play of divine absence and radical presence in the sacred place, in images and in temple ritual (puja¯). Moreover, the poems to this Lord of Gods at Tiruvahı¯ndrapuram form more than a thematic microcosm; they also embrace all three of the poet’s working languages, forming a linguistic microcosm as well.

These hymns of Vexkatesa to the beautiful icon-bodies of Devanayaka at _ Tiruvahı¯ndrapuram both reflect his rootedness in the icon-based poems of the ¯ lvar and A ¯ carya traditions and express some of the most emotional aspects A  of Vexkatesa’s own devotional poetics. In such poems that ‘‘sing the body of _ God’’ we can most vividly see his distinctive contributions to the south Indian Vaisnava tradition he inherited. Both similarities and differences with regard ¯_l_var and A ¯ carya bhakti are most clearly inscribed in these particular kinds to A  of hymns.

Those who reach her feet touch you. 6 3 The heroine’s girlfriend speaks: Kama the God of Love will shower a rain of flower-tipped arrows from his charming sugarcane bow at that young girl who longs for the soft feet of the god of Truth: mercy and grace 7 gush from his sidelong glances. ’’ He has come to Ahı¯ndrapuram, the town of the serpent king, where those who speak speak the essence of the three Vedas. 4 O Lord true to your servants only you are not destroyed when the worlds are destroyed like bubbles that swell and burst in the rains; when we set ourselves to work testing what is true,9 ¯ vai the mumman ikko ˙ we find that you alone are the truth of the precious Veda.

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