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By Mary Stanton

ISBN-10: 0425228754

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Money's been tight ever seeing that Bree Winston Beaufort inherited Savannah's haunted legislation enterprise Beaufort & corporation in addition to its less-than-angelic employees. yet she's eventually going to take on a case that can pay the debts representing a spoiled woman who stole a persons lady Scout cookie funds. yet quickly adequate she unearths that her client's departed millionaire father wishes support too. Can she aid an unsavory father/daughter duo and make a residing off of the residing?

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Somebody, most likely her secretary, Ron Parchese, since he was the fussiest—and most able-bodied—of her employees, had weeded around the wrought-iron fence and sunken graves and tidied the kudzu from the grave-stones. The azaleas, camellias, roses, and rhododendrons that made such a glory of Old Savannah in spring and summer weren’t flowering now, of course. But Savannah in autumn had its own peculiar beauty. Silver-gray Spanish moss draped the live oaks like graceful shawls. Hedges of Russian olive, boxwood, and bougainvillea flaunted the full spectrum of greens, from pale celery to near black.

She took a larger sip of the spritzer and choked. ” Hunter’s laugh was reluctant, but genuine. “You’ve spent some time with the family. ” “Not an appealing child,” Bree said. ” “Twenty-eight,” Bree said. “What’s that got to do with anything? Oh! ” “More like full of yourself,” Hunter said unkindly. He sighed. ” “Wild child, and not playin’ at it. She’s on the road to some kind of self-destruction, that’s for sure. As to why . ” She frowned. Something about Carrie-Alice’s reference to those “little talks” gave her the creeps.

You get your temper up, you get more . . ” “Regional,” Bree said. She took a deep breath through her nose. Beside her, Sasha rumbled a little. Then he nudged his great head against her hip. Bree tamped down her annoyance and reached for a reasonable tone of voice. “Look, Hunter. I know there’s something wonky about the way Probert Chandler died. And surer than sunshine, if you lie to my face, I’m going to look into it all the harder. So why don’t you save both of us a couple of pounds of aggravation and tell me right out?

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