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By Michael McCollum

ISBN-10: 1929381093

ISBN-13: 9781929381098

After a century of battle, humanity eventually stumbled on the Achilles heel of the Ryall, their xenophobic reptilian foe. Spica – Alpha Virginis – is the major big name process in enemy house. it's the hub by which all Ryall starships needs to cross, and if humanity can in basic terms seize and carry it, they are going to strangle the Ryall battle computing device and finish their danger to humankind forever.
It all appeared so basic within the computing device simulations: boost by means of stealth, assault all of sudden, strike quickly with overwhelming energy. regrettably, conquering the Ryall proves the simple half. With the main to victory in hand, Richard and Bethany Drake observe that they have to additionally overcome human nature in the event that they are to convey down the alien foe …

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They are pouring out in more than fleet strength! The Race is in mortal danger! To your posts. We have a battle to fight! ” “Very well, Miss Powell. ” Lieutenant Enid Powell, one of the first Alphan women to graduate from the newly reconstituted Starfleet Academy at Homeport, was quiet for a moment while radar signals returned from their long journeys to probe surrounding space. “We have two hundred and eight ships in the foldpoint, sir. The Sandarians appear to be forming up and moving off in the direction of the Darthan Foldpoint, accelerating at three standard gravities.

Since the ship’s drive was photonic, the drive flarewasr eflected at random by theprismcloud. This had no effect on propulsion, butthereflected energycaused the hull temperature to increase. Then there was the problem of acceleration. A ship under acceleration tended to leave its protective cloud behind, negating itsprimary protection against heavy ground-based lasers. To remain within the cloud ofmirrored particles, the shiphad toshut down its main engines , which in turn causedother problems… “Report,” Poledoris ordered.

So would I. Let’s see if we can do something about that. My compliments to the captain. ” A minute later, the deep throbbing of the engines began again in Drake’s temples, as weight returned to the ship. It was a gentle hand that pushed him down into the soft embrace of his acceleration couch. He savored the moment. That gentle hand would soon turn into the jaws of a steel vise that would attempt to crush him. ” “Far ReacherandHome Seas. ” “Both of the third rank. Not much to work with in the face of the Monsters’ entire fleet.

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