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By somtow sucharitkul, S. P. Somtow

ISBN-10: 0345338677

ISBN-13: 9780345338679

On this trade Earth, Rome ideas all...including the recent global, recognized in different dimensions as the US yet right here as Terra Novo.

General Titus Papinianus is governor of that untamed land, and Aquila, leader of the savage Lacoti state, is a Roman senator. yet professional titles apart, their responsibility is to Caesar. So while Caesar sends them on a quest for the fabled land of China, regarded as someplace in Terra Novo, off they cross.

They are hardly ever ready for bloodthirsty Aztecs, flying machines, time-traveling extraterrestrial beings, or Bigfoot—and Aquila's problem-solving options are unconventional to claim the least!

Before they realize it, their adventures lead them into the palms of the Time legal, who's bent on changing all of the a number of universes to fit his personal evil whims. one way or the other they need to cease him...before their international is destroyed!

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