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What function can the military play in conserving the U.S. from terrorist assaults?

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Limits on the availability of state and federal funding as well as requirements for maintaining warfighting proficiencies mean that the National Guard often cannot undertake the types of planning and exercises necessary for its role in HLS, which will require close coordination with a variety of different civilian government agencies at the local and state level, interactions with civilian populations, and an understanding of the various statutory and regulatory authorities that govern the use of Army forces within the United States.

When an incident occurs that requires the deployment of the CSB, operational control of the CSB will be given to the adjutant general of the receiving state. To provide for such a contingency, each State Joint Force Headquarters (SJFHQ) must be capable of assuming operational control of a brigade-size or larger force. 20 The Commander of NORTHCOM will command the CSBs if they are moved to federal, Title 10 status. ____________ 20 As of October 1, 2003, the State Area Commands (STARCs) will be disbanded and replaced by an SJFHQ.

This response does not assume that the units would require any unique, expensive equipment for carrying out HLS activities. 4 The funds could be used for pay, allowances, clothing, subsistence and travel, and related expenses; for operations and maintenance of equipment and facilities; and for the procurement of services and the leasing of equipment. To ensure that minimum standards result from the training program, DoD and/or DHS would establish individual and unit standards and develop course materials for meeting those standards.

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