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By Christopher J. Norton, David R. Braun

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This quantity brings jointly a gaggle of authors that handle the query of the 1st out of Africa into Asia c. 2 Ma. The scope of the publication is finished because it covers virtually each significant sector of Asia. the first aim of this quantity is to supply an up-to-date synthesis of the present country of the Asian paleoanthropological and paleoenvironmental documents. Papers comprise exact reviews of the theoretical constructs underlying the stream out of Africa, together with particular reconstructions of the paleoenvironment and attainable migration routes. different papers element the Plio-Pleistocene archaeological and hominin fossil documents of specific regions.

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One explanation of this evidence is that H. 8 Ma and then dispersed back into Africa as well as eastwards to North China and Java (Rightmire et al. 2006). If so, an earlier resident population of hominins (including early Homo) remains a strong possibility, at least in Southwest Asia. OH9 may indicate a further instance of “Out of Asia” migration into East Africa c. 5 Ma. Irrespective of when hominins first left Africa, they would probably have entered Asia via the Levant or across the southern end of the Red Sea, and then dispersed along the coast to Southeast Asia, as well as overland to North China through the better-watered parts of the grasslands of Southwest and Central Asia.

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