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By Alan L. Titus, Mark A. Loewen

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The Grand Staircase-Escalante nationwide Monument is the positioning of 1 of the best-known terrestrial files for the overdue Cretaceous. past fieldwork proven the richness of the world, yet an enormous attempt began within the new century has documented over 2,000 new vertebrate fossil websites, supplied new radiometric dates, and pointed out 5 new genera of ceratopsids, new species of hadrosaur, a possible new genus of hypsilophodontid, new pachycephalosaurs and ankylosaurs, numerous varieties of theropods (including a brand new genus of oviraptor
and a brand new tyrannosaur), plus the main entire specimen of a overdue Cretaceous therizinosaur ever accumulated from North the US, and lots more and plenty extra. The learn documented during this booklet is rewriting our realizing of past due Cretaceous paleobiogeography and dinosaur phyletics. on the most sensible of the Grand Staircase: The overdue Cretaceous of Southern Utah is an enormous stepping stone towards a complete synthesis of the ecology and evolution of the past due Cretaceous ecosystems of western North the US.

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In general, the stratigraphic thickness of individual Cretaceous formations increases to the west (Fig. 7), toward the Sevier Fold and Thrust Belt (Eaton, 1991). One of the exceptions to this is the marine Tropic Shale, which pinches out westward toward the orogen. In spite of the general trend of unit thickening, the thickness of the entire Cretaceous section actually decreases toward the west (more than 2000 m in the Kaiparowits Basin, versus 1400 m on the west side of the Markagunt Plateau) as a result of a significant sub-Claron (Paleogene) down-cutting event that eliminated Upper and Middle Campanian strata (an estimated 1300 m of section) Geologic Overview 17 Late Cretaceous II (Campanian–Maastrichtian) Laramide phase activity along classic Sevier thrust fronts was accompanied by significant vertical offset on long-standing basement-seated structures like the East Kaibab Monocline and Waterpocket Fold (Fig.

Markagunt data from Eaton et al. (2001). Paunsaugunt data from Tilton (2001). Tropic Shale absolute dates from Obradovich (1993). The Kaiparowits Plateau section is a composite of data in Doelling and Davis (1989) and Roberts (2007). CL, Claron; GC, Grand Castle; T, Tropic; CA, Carmel; L, Lower; M, Middle; Smoky Hol, Smoky Hollow; CO, Coop Creek; DA, Dakota; DT, Drip Tank; SH, Smoky Hollow; TC, Tibbet Canyon; U, Upper; W, Winsor; CP, Canaan Peak; EN, Entrada; CS, Capping Sandstone; HS, Henrieville Sandstone.

Further subdivided by Peterson (1969b) into, in ascending order, the Tibbet Canyon, Smoky Hollow, John Henry (Fig. 14), and Drip Tank members (Fig. 16). The type sections for all of the members are located in the south-central portion of the Kaiparowits Plateau (Fig. 3), where exposures are especially good. , 2010). The Straight Cliffs Formation consists mostly of sandstone, with lesser amounts of interbedded siltstone, mudstone, and claystone. Coal, concretionary ironstone, and conglomerate are minor components (Fig.

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