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For example solving homework problem from other text books became either just two mouse clicks away or just looking at that the tables in this book. I also got request from a India to write the interface for Microsoft. I am sorry will not be entertaining work for non Linux/Unix systems, especially for Microsoft. If one want to use the software engine it is okay and permitted by the license of this work. The download to this mount is over 25,000. /Arizona) and some other reactions. This textbook has sections which are cutting edge research8 .

The next chapter is dealing with isothermal flow with and without external forces (the moving of the choking point), again under construction. The next three chapters are dealing with three models of choked flow: Isothermal flow12 , Fanno flow and Rayleigh flow. First, the Isothermal flow is introduced because of the relative ease of the analytical treatment. Isothermal flow provides useful tools for the pipe systems design. These chapters are presented almost independently. Every chapter can be “ripped” out and printed independently.

For manufacturing engineers there are many situations where the compressibility or compressible flow understating is essential for adequate design. For instance, the control engineers who are using pneumatic systems use compressed substances. The cooling of some manufacturing systems and design of refrigeration systems also utilizes compressed air flow knowledge. Some aspects of these systems require consideration of the unique phenomena of compressible flow. Traditionally, most gas dynamics (compressible flow) classes deal mostly with shock waves and external flow and briefly teach Fanno flows and Rayleigh flows (two kind of choking flows).

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