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By Harriette Taylor Treadwell, Margaret Free

ISBN-10: 1599152665

ISBN-13: 9781599152660

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Christina G. Rossetti. The Queen Bee ONCE upon a time three brothers went out to seek their fortune. On the way they came to an ant hill. "Let us turn this hill over," said the oldest brother. "It will be fun to see the ants run. " "Leave them alone," said the youngest brother. " The brothers went on. Soon they came to a lake. Many ducks were swimming in the water. "Let us catch some of these ducks," said one of the brothers. " "Leave them alone," said the youngest brother. " So the brothers went on.

The giants looked up, but the bright light blinded them, so they could follow the fox no more. Then the fox set off to join Lars and Princess Sunset. And they all went on together till they reached the castle of Princess Sunrise. There was great feasting at the castle when Princess Sunset returned, and they could not do enough for Lars. Princess Sunrise gave him the golden hen and told him to come back to see her. Lars' heart was full of joy as he set off for home with the golden hen under his arm.

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