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Information about the voltage and current relations in the different parts of the conductor, and also show places of high and low current density and voltage gradient. The true current density at a point is obtained by considering an infinitesimal tube of current di and dividing di by the infinitesimal cross-section dA of the tube at the point under consideration. Then, instead of eq. (23), we have U=di/dA on the other hand, it is desired to express the through the density, the preceding relation gives If, i = / UdA, (29) total current (30) THE ELECTRIC CIRCUIT 24 [ART.

3; Horace CHAP. Ill] CONDUCTORS OF VARIABLE CROSS-SECTION 29 In this way, tion of the normal NiN* at the dividing surface. the path between two given points is shortened in the medium of lower, and is lengthened in that of higher conductivity, by such an amount in each case that the total conductance of the composite Hence, the larger with refraction than without it. existence of refraction is a necessary consequence of the general conductor law of is least resistance. Mediums, of low conductivity Medium 1, of high conductivity FIG.

7) The stream surfaces. represent stream lines, marked with arrowheads, represent the direction of the electric flow, while the equipotential surfaces are perpendicular to them, and are the loci of points of equal potential. 1 This chapter may be The omitted if distribution is desired, because analogous to that it is not necessary for the understanding of the The following chapters on alternating currents. importance of this chapter lies in the fact that the treatment is analogous to that of the electrostatic and therefore it facilitates the circuit, greatly study of the latter.

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